TAME + glossy: A Portland Keratin Treatment Salon

Specializing in Keratin Treatment & Hair Straightening

1st time to TAME + glossy?
Here’s what’s in store for you!

WELCOME! And speaking of welcome, we want you to know that EVERYONE is welcome and accepted at TAME + glossy. Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow time to find street parking, and to fill out your hair history form.

You will be gladly greeted and shown around to familiarize yourself with the salon and the equipment. AM appointment? Have a mimosa! PM appointment? Have a local brew or glass of vino. We offer complimentary, beer, wine, and other delicious NA beverages and treats.

We will start with a consultation to find out what your hair goals and expectations of your treatment are. From there we will head to the shampoo bowl where you will be laying completely horizontal! That’s right, chat a bit and get to know your stylist or go ahead and take a cat nap, you’ll be that comfortable! Next we will head back to the chair where you will be provided an iPad, free to listen to music of your choice, browse, read a digital magazine or Netflix and chill. Need to be working while your here? Bring your own laptop and use our portable work stations, we promise not to tell your boss! 

Please note: We require payment in full to book your first appointment. Thereafter, you have become apart of the glossy gal gang and can pay at the time of your next appointment.

Pre-Treatment Preparation:

Must have color done at least 7-days prior to treatment. When doing vivid colors, please consult your stylist. 

If you plan to cut a lot of length off your hair or have split ends, you’ll want to cut/trim before your treatment, no time restriction. 

Don’t worry about washing, we will be doing a deep cleanse…so don’t waste your time. However, if you have super tangly hair, you could save time by combing it out prior to your appointment. 

Check all products you are currently using for Sodium Chloride AKA Salt. All of your hair products need to be Sodium Chloride/Salt free as this will break down your Keratin. 

Post Treatment:

No water contact, sweating, or products of any kind for 48 hours after your treatment. Your treatment is not done processing until after you have washed your hair. Please be prepared when its raining by wearing hooded clothing for the following 48hrs as you never know what our whether will do! PS. If its raining and you don’t wear a hood to the salon you’ll be leaving in a shower cap! 

You are able to put your hair in a ponytail and/or use clips, you will not be able to crease your hair unless you get it wet or sweat. In the unfortunate event that it does get wet/sweaty, use a light blow dry to smooth out any creases. If that doesn’t do the trick, use a flat iron on low heat, being careful to not over-process the hair. 

No Sodium Chloride or Salt contact for the remainder of your Keratins life. 

Last but not least…STAY GLOSSY

"SO THRILLED I found TAME + glossy for my Keratin Treatment! I moved here to Portland from L.A. about 6 months ago, and haven't been able to find any salons that do Keratin Treatment, which I used to get several times a year in LA --- until last week when I was referred to Katlyn and her shop by another stylist. Katlyn did an amazing job and her new location and space are PERFECT! Thanks so much TAME + glossy, see you soon!

Megan B.


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