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Specializing in Keratin Treatment & Hair Straightening

Q: What is a Keratin Treatment?

A hair taming system, also known as a semi-permanent straightening system. Keratin is a protein that together with other ingredients (Varies depending on the product) will coat the hair making it smoother, decrease frizz and relaxes curl in unruly hair.

Q: What are typical Benefits of Keratin?

Benefits range from; manageability, decreased styling time, little to no curl (depending on curl pattern), easy wash and go styling, little to no frizz, color protection/enhancement, protection against free radicals.

Q: What products should I be using for my Keratin Treatment?

Whichever product regimen your stylist has recommend to you, that does not contain Sodium Chloride. Your stylist knows your hair best, leave it to them.

Q: How often should I get a Keratin Treatment:?

Keratin treatments are a buildable process. Meaning, the more layers you’ve applied (built up through consistent processes), the longer each treatment can last. Our recommendation is to come back before your first treatment has been completely broken down. When styling your hair, most clients will notice using more heat and the return of frizz; this is your sign that you’re due for your next appointment. Through our consultation, we will analyze your expectations and daily lifestyle exposure to elements. After your initial treatment, you will have a better understanding of how well the Keratin treatment was accepted by your hair. TAME + glossy recommends three consistently scheduled treatments to determine your full results. 

Q: Can I book a Consultation?

We do not offer consultation appointments as there is no way to determine how your hair will accept a Keratin treatment until after we have done your treatment. We do a consultation before every appointment to determine, expectations, your chemical services history and lifestyle. We recommend giving us a call with any additional questions.

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